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MAGIX screenshare allows users to act on other participant's remote computer
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MAGIX Screenshare is a program that enables you to exchange screen content throughout the Internet. MAGIX Screenshare helps you create and share content remotely on computers, enabling you to run programs, record and present programs, etc. on the remote computer.

You can switch your screen view from one computer to another. Both users can view the other participant's computer. You can record what is happening on the screen using a video capturing software, and then present the material, for example, as an online tutorial.

The user interface is simple and easy to use. In the Options menu there are three tabs: the settings tab, which allows you to save all the changes you have made, the connection tab, which enables you to choose how will you connect to the Internet, and the start-screen tab which enables you to enter your name for the session, as well as the session id.

The program, however, does have one significant disadvantage. It does not also allow audio streaming, so you cannot, for instance, organize a full teleconference within the same interface. Thus, it limits comprehensive communication with the user of the remote computer with which you are interacting.

In conclusion, MAGIX Screenshare provides a simple and accessible tool for organizing video exchanges between remote computers, but it limits how much you can communicate in such a context, because it does not also stream audio content.

Gina Hoffman
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  • Remotely control computers and programs
  • You can create and share content together


  • Does not allow audio streaming alongside the video content
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